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Our Focus​

RKSI focuses on sharing environment knowledge among the PRC and other developing member countries that contributes that contributes to a greener, healthier, safer, more connected

Climate Change and Disaster Recovery Management

Asia and the Pacific are seriously threatened by disasters induced natural hazards and escalating climate change impacts.

Information and Communications Technology

Digital technology empowers the poor, boosts growth, expand opportunities and improves government services.


Sustainable development and management of natural resources including agricultural land, land, forests, wildlife, water, and air are critical to health, economies and well-being.

Regional Cooperation and Integration

Closer regional cooperation from trade and finance to health brings key benefits to economic growth and development.


Quality health services are an important link between development and economic growth.

Social Development and Poverty

COVID-19 has pushed around 78 million people back to extreme poverty and created more than 168 million newly poor people, while inequality continues to grow.

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