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Food Security Forum: Safe, Nutritious and Affordable Food for All

22 Jun 2016 - 24 Jun 2016 Manila, Philippines

The agriculture and food industry in Asia and the Pacific region has undergone structural transformations, technological advancements, and policy shifts in order to adapt to the changing times. New farming systems, value chain segments consolidation, various mechanisms for food trade, and rising consumer demand and expectations as well as changing lifestyles have shaped the process of bringing food on the table. But in addition to the customary issues of food availability and affordability, concerns on safety and nutrition as well as sustainability have become more pronounced lately.

Achieving food security for all, now and into the future, is at the core of the post-2015 development agenda. The Addis Ababa conference on financing for development held in July 2015 has produced a global framework for financing sustainable development and a set of policy actions by member states. In September, the United Nations (UN) adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of which seeks to end hunger, achieve food and nutrition security, and promote sustainable agriculture. And in December, the UN likewise adopted the Paris Agreement to limit global warming, which affects the global food system.

Achieving the global goals on food security requires synergy among the priorities and commitments of governments, the private sector, civil society, and development partners. It is in this context that ADB’s Rural Development and Food Security Thematic Group has initiated the organization of the Food Security Forum.


14.00 – 17.30Partnership Dialogue: High-Level Technology to End Hunger

Opening Remarks:
Stephen P. Groff, Vice-President, Operations 2, ADB

Stage-Setting Presentation:
Mahfuz Ahmed, Technical Advisor, Rural Development and Food Security, ADB
14.15 – 14.55Part A
Chair: Stephen P. Groff, ADB

Cluster 1

  • International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

  • International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

  • International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

  • International Potato Center (CIP)

  • International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

  • World Vegetable Center (AVRDC)

14.55 – 15.35 Cluster 2

  • Asian Farmers’ Association (AFA)

  • Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI)

  • GrainPro, Inc.

  • Murdoch University

15.35 – 15.50Break
15.50 – 16.30 Part B
Chair: Bambang Susantono, Vice-President, Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, ADB

Cluster 3

  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

  • Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP)

  • International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

  • Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

  • World Food Programme (WFP)

16.30 – 17.10Cluster 4

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

  • Government of Australia

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

17.10 – 17.30Closing Remarks:
Bambang Susantono, Vice-President, Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, ADB
17.30 – 19.30Participant Registration
Cocktail Reception for Forum Participants
ADB Auditorium

08.00 – 09.00Participant Registration
09.00 – 09.10Introduction of the Forum
Mahfuz Ahmed, Technical Advisor, Rural Development and Food Security, ADB
09.10 – 10.10 Leaders’ Roundtable: The Future of Food: Panel 1

Moderator: Farhana Haque Rahman, Director, General, Inter Press Service


  • Takehiko Nakao, President, ADB

  • Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, Federal Minister, National Food Security and Research, Pakistan

  • Musdhalifa Machmud, Deputy Minister, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Indonesia

  • Kundhavi Kadiresan, ADG and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, FAO

  • Phouang Parisak Pravongviengkham, Vice Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao PDR

  • Sunny Verghese, Co-Founder and Group CEO, Olam International Ltd., Singapore

10.15 – 10.30Opening of the Techno Show
Takehiko Nakao, President, ADB
10.30 – 10.50 Photo Session
10.50 – 11.00 Break
11.00 – 12.00Leaders’ Roundtable: The Future of Food: Panel 2

Moderator: Farhana Haque Rahman


  • Uttam Kumar Bhattarai, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Nepal

  • Rob Bertram, Chief Scientist, Bureau for Food Security, USAID

  • Erkinbek Choduev, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Kyrgyzstan

  • Tin Htut, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Myanmar

  • Susumu Ito, Chief Representative, JICA Philippines

  • David Kaatrud, Director, Asia and the Pacific, WFP

  • Hoonae Kim, Director, Asia and the Pacific, IFAD Matthew Morell, Director General, IRRI

  • Ma. Estrella Penunia, Secretary General, AFA

  • Feng Yong, Deputy Director, Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, Ministry of Agriculture, the PRC

12.00 – 13.00Lunch
13.10 – 15.00 Session 1: Meeting Asia’s Agricultural Transformation Challenges
Key Issues: Shrinking agricultural labor and rising wage; mechanization of agriculture and farm consolidation; feminization of agricultural workforce and its implications; climate change and extreme weather conditions; efficient resource management (water, land, forests and coastal areas).

Chair: Deborah Stokes, Vice-President, Administration and Corporate Management, ADB

Keynote speaker: Jikun Huang, Professor, Peking University


  • Fabrizio Bresciani, Lead Regional Economist, IFAD

  • David Dawe, Senior Economist, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, FAO

  • Mark W. Rosegrant, Director, IFPRI

  • Mahmoud El Solh, Director General, ICARDA Sonomi Tanaka, Technical Advisor, Gender Equity Thematic Group, ADB

  • Qingfeng Zhang, Director, Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture, ADB

15.00 – 15.15Break
15.15 – 17.15Session 2: Value Chain Financing and Promotion of Agribusiness
Key issues: Innovative financing instruments; post-harvest loss reduction; de-risking private financing and promoting inclusive business; collaboration between micro, small, and medium agri-enterprises and corporations; value addition and promotion of agro-processing; role of governments.

Chair: Diwakar Gupta, Vice-President, Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations, ADB

Keynote speaker: Sunny Verghese, C0-Founder and Group CEO, Olam International, Ltd., Singapore


  • Adolfo Brizzi, Director, Policy and Technical Advisory Division, IFAD

  • Bruno Carrasco, Director, Public Management, Financial Sector and Trade, ADB

  • Martin Lemoine, Agribusiness Investment Unit Head, ADB

  • Fiona Lynn, Director, Agricultural Productivity and Food Security, DFAT, Australia

  • Abdul Awal Mintoo, Co-Founder, Lal Teer Seed Ltd., Bangladesh

  • Iftikhar Mostafa, Senior Agriculture Economist, GAFSP/World Bank

17.15 – 17.30Synthesis of Day 2 Activities and Sessions
Takashi Matsuo, Director, Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, ADB

08.00 – 09.45Farmers’ Roundtable: Voices from the Field

Ma. Estrella Penunia, Secretary General, AFA


  • Bon Ian Dela Roca, Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (group-based production and marketing)

  • Aynal Haque, Bangladesh (modern seed production)

  • Lourdes Panopio, JAMLA Corporation, Philippines (small-scale agribusiness)

  • Reynaldo San Jose, Philippines (climate-smart agriculture)

  • JonJon Sarmiento, PAKISAMA, Philippines (community resilience building)

  • Luck Wajanawat, Bank for Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand (agri credit)

09.45 – 10.30 Knowledge Product Launch

Chair: Amy Leung, Deputy Director General, East Asia Department, ADB

Book: Improving Logistics for Perishable Agricultural Products in the People’s Republic of China


  • Yun Kang, Operations Researcher, RAND Corp., USA

  • Wang Wei, Deputy Director General, Development Research Center of the State Council, the PRC

Qingfeng Zhang, Director, Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, ADB

Book: Developing and Disseminating Water-Saving Rice Technologies in South Asia

Arvind Kumar, Plant Breeder, IRRI

Jiangfeng Zhang, Director, Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture, ADB
10.30 – 10.45Break
10.45 – 12.45 Session 3: Sustainable Food Entitlement
Key issues: Price and supply stability; efficient supply chain and logistics for safe food; digital shopping outlets; tariff and non-tariff barriers to agricultural trade; public procurement and inventory management of food; social safety net programs.

Chair: Marlene Ramirez, Secretary General, AsiaDHRRA

Keynote speaker:
Vinod Thomas, Director General, Independent Evaluation, ADB


  • Mark Bell, Director, International Learning Center, University of California-Davis

  • Gerd Fleischer, Head, Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability Standards Section, GIZ

  • Jared Greenvile, Senior Agricultural Policy Analyst, OECD

  • Siemon Hollema, Senior Regional Programme and Policy Adviser, WFP

  • Subhasish Panda, Joint Secretary, Department of Food and Public Distribution, India

  • Shashi Sareen, Senior Food Safety and Nutrition Officer, Asia and the Pacific, FAO

12.45 – 13.45 Lunch
13.45 – 15.45 Session 4: Safe, Quality and Nutritious Food: Are We Eating Right?
Key Issues: Public policy and institutions; responsible private sector; nutritious and health promoting food; integrated supply facility for cost-effective monitoring of safety issues; frontier technology for food safety; role of development partners.

Chair: Rob Bertram, Chief Scientist, Bureau for Food Security, USAID

Keynote speaker:
Marco Ferroni, Executive Director, Sygenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture


  • Mubarik Ali, Member, Food Security and Climate Change, Planning Commission, Pakistan

  • María González Pastor, Consultant, Direccion de Operaciones en el Exterior, MERCASA

  • Najat Mokhtar, Director, Division of Asia Pacific, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

  • Akmal Siddiq, Director, Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Division, ADB

  • Paul P.S. Teng, Senior Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

15.45 – 16.00Break
16.00 – 17.20Actions and Recommendations

Mahfuz Ahmed, Technical Advisor, Rural Development and Food Security, ADB


  • Nichola Dyer, Program Manager, GAFSP Hoonae Kim, Director, Asia and the Pacific, IFAD

  • Takashi Matsuo, Director, Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, ADB

  • Akmal Siddiq, Director, Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, ADB

  • Jiangfeng Zhang, Director, Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture, ADB

  • Qingfeng Zhang, Director, Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture, ADB

17.20 – 17.30 Closing Remarks
Wencai Zhang, Vice-President, Operations 1, ADB

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