Workshop & Training

ADB-Tongji Urban Knowledge Sharing Workshop New Towns and New Districts in the PRC: Challenges and Opportunities

12 Nov 2013 - 13 Nov 2013 Shanghai, The People's Republic of China

Following three successful urban knowledge sharing workshops in 2010, 2011, and 2012, the fourth workshop held by the ADB-Tongji University Regional Knowledge Hub focused on the development of new towns and districts in the PRC, followed by a photo exhibition and a site visit in Jiading New District and Wuxi Taihu New Town. The workshop introduced state-of-the-art approaches to planning, implementation and administration in the development of new towns and new districts, as well as discussing lessons learned. Some 80 experts and policy makers from international organizations, governments, and academia participated.

08:30 Registration and Networking
09:00 Welcoming Remarks
Opening Speeches by Tongji University and ADB
09:15Keynote Speeches Session 1
Moderator: Prof. Zilai Tang

New Towns in the PRC: Evolution to State-of-the-Art Low Carbon Eco-Cities
Professor Fulong Wu

Lessons learned from New Towns in Shanghai
Mr. Yisong Xu

Questions and Answers
10:30 Group Photo, Tea and Coffee Break
10:45Keynote Speeches Session 2
Moderator: ADB

Eco-cities in Europe – Compact, Mixed-use, Green, Livable New Districts
Best Practices New Towns Development

Questions and Answers
12:00Cooperation with ADB’s Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative: New Towns Exhibition

ADB: Opening of the Exhibition New Towns & New Districts
New District Portrait 1: Prof. Weiqiang Wang: Ningbo New District
New District Portrait 2: Mr. Tao Tao: Zhengdong New District
New District Portrait 3: Prof. Gang Liu: Dalian New District
12:35 Lunch Break
13:30Case Studies Session 1
Moderator: Prof. Lan Wang

Shanghai Jiading New District: A Learning System of Adapted Urban Pattern
Presentation of Case Study 1:
Mr. Yanzhou Zhan
Mr. Xiaotao He

Questions and Answers
14:30Case Studies Session 2
Moderator: ADB

Wuxi Taihu Lake New Town A Low-Carbon Eco City
Presentation of Case Study 2:
Mr. Xiao Sima
Mr. Xiaoxing Feng

Questions and Answers
15:30 Tea and Coffee Break
15:50Case Studies Session 3
Moderator: Prof. Weiqiang Wang

Beichuan – A New Town Rising from Post-Disaster Rubble
Presentation of Case Study 3:
Mr. Degao Zheng
Mr. Wang He

Questions and Answers
Visit of Shanghai Jiading New District
08:00 Departure from Magnotel Hotel
09:30 Tour and Walk Shanghai Jiading New District and discuss with planners and local officials
11:30 Questions & Answers session with planners and local officials
12:00 Lunch
Visit of Wuxi Taihu New Town
13:00 Departure from Shanghai Jiading New District
15:00Tour and Walk Wuxi Taihu Lake New Town and discuss with planners and local officials
17:00 Questions & Answers session with planners and local officials
18:30Return to Tongji University
20:30 Arrive at Tongji University

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