Transforming Urban-Rural Water Linkages Into High Quality Investments

A Miracle in Human Ingenuity, Dujiangyan Water Resource Management System

Dujiangyan water resource management system is a timeless dam-free water diversion innovation that finely balances structural measures, natural environment, and human wellbeing, that is still in operations in the PRC today.

Building With Nature in the PRC: Dujiangyan Water Resource Management System

ADB Resident Mission in the PRC’s Senior Programs Officer Xiaoyan Yang introduces the ancient Chinese wisdom behind the Dujiangyan water resource management system built over 2,200 years ago but still in use today. The system adopts an integrated approach and nature-based solutions in managing climatic risks and natural disasters. It is an ancient yet advanced design that finely balances structural measures, natural environment, and the human wellbeing.

Making Water in Mongolia Available at the Right Time, at the Right Place and in the Right Quality

Achieving Sustainable Integrated Water Resources Management in Mongolia: The Role of River Basin Organizations

Support for the Yangtze River Economic Belt

In the People’s Republic of China’s Yangtze River Economic Belt, a new programmatic approach has been adopted to achieve water security and green development, and increased resilience of the environment and people.

Improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools: A Guide for Practitioners and Policy Makers in Mongolia

Institutional and Governance Dimensions of Flood Risk Management: A Flood Footprint and Accountability Mechanism

Water Conservation Strategies for Beijing Capital Region

People’s Republic of China: Do Private Water Utilities Outperform State-Run Utilities?

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