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International Workshop on Urban Adaptation to Climate Change

5 Sep 2014 Beijing, The People's Republic of China

The workshop was one of the activities under the climate change memorandum of understanding signed between the PRC’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and ADB in January 2014. Over 160 experts and decision makers from the PRC, international organizations, developing member countries, and development partners participated. Minister Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of NDRC, Vice Minister Wang Ning of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), and Country Director Hamid Sharif of the ADB PRC Resident Mission, addressed the workshop. 

The workshop’s objective was to explore smart approaches to enhancing urban resilience to climate change, share knowledge and experience about urban-adaptation practices, and initiate concrete actions for urban adaptation. The workshop achieved its objective by initiating development of the PRC’s national urban adaptation plan in line with climate change, and by enhancing knowledge sharing on urban adaptation to climate change with other regional nations, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Thailand. 


Plenary Session
Moderator: Su Wei, Director General of Department of Climate Change, NDRC
09:00-09:40Opening Speech

  • Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of NDRC

  • Liu Kun, Vice Minister of Ministry of Finance (MOF)

  • Wang Ning, Vice minister of MOHURD

  • Hamid L. Sharif, Country Director, ADB Resident Mission in the PRC

09:40-10:00Group photo, tea break
10:00-10:20Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis
Qin Dahe, Academician, Co-Chair of IPCC AR5 WG CN
10:20-10:40The PRC’s New Urbanization Under Climate Change
Kai Wang, Deputy Dean, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD) CN
10:40-11:00National Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change: Implementation
Sun Zhen, Deputy Director General of NDRC
11:00-11:20Tendency and Strategy for Urban Adaption to Climate Change
Rong Yang,Department of Building Energy Efficiency and Science and Technology, MOHURD
11:20-11:40Water Security Issues and Adaptation to Climate Change in the PRC
Wang Yi, Director of the Institute of Science and Technology Policy and Management Science of CAS
11:40-12:00Adaptation Policies and the Application to Urban Development in South Asia
Norio Saito, Principle Urban Development Specialist, ADB
Forum 1: Urban Development and Climate Monitoring and Weather Warning
13:30-13:50Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies for Cities
Sizhen Peng, Deputy Director, The Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21 CN
13:50-14:10Climate Change and the Challenges for Chinese Urbanization and Its Adaptation
Yu Li, Sino-UK Eco-City and Sustainable Development Institute of Cardiff university
14:10-14:30Finance Policy on Adaption to Climate Change
Su Ming, Fiscal Science Institute of MOF
14:30-14:50Implementing Low-carbon Development towards International Livability: Zhuhai’s Responses to Climate Change
Chaohui Wang, Director, Urban Plan Bureau of Zhu Hai city
14:50-15:05Coffee Break
15:05-15:25Enhance Urban Capacity in the Prevention and Reduction of Meteorological Disasters
Yuan Jiashuang, Director of CMA
15:25-15:45Practice sharing: Climate Monitoring and Weather Warning in the PRC
Yaodong Du, Chief Expert, Guangdong Meteorological Service CN
15:45-16:05Development and Assessment of National Policies for Urban Climate Adaptation and Responses to Extreme Events
Dr Xiaoming Wang, Senior Principal Scientist and Adjunct Professor, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
16:05-16:25Urban Climate Change Risk
Dr Rebecca Nadin, Adjunct Lecturer, CEPH, Griffith University CN
16:25-16:30Concluding Remarks
16:45-18:00Internal Meeting for Climate Change Work Arrangement by Department of Climate Change, NDRC
Forum 2: Building and Urban Environment
13:30-13:50Urban Eco-Adaption to Climate Change
Liu Jian, UNEP
13:50-14:10Spatial Planning Principles and Assessment Framework for Climate Adaptive and Resilient Cities in the PRC
Serge Salat, President of Urban Morphology Institute in France
14:10-14:30Design for A Water Resilient City
Yu Kongjian, Architecture and Landscape Design College of Beijing University
14:30-14:50Case and Strategy Study of the Influences of Abnormal Weather and Natural Disasters on Transportation
Lu Huapu, Institute of Transportation Studies, Tsinghua University
15:05-15:25Adaptation to Climate Change – Development Practice of Yunlong New Ecological Town
Director, Management Committee of Yun Long Demonstration Area in Zhu Zhou City
15:25-15:45Climate Change and Architecture
Youguo Qin, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University CN
15:45-16:05Passive House in the PRC
Chen Shuo, CEO of Center of Zero Carbon in the PRC
16:05-16:25Build with Wood, Buid to be Adaptable to Climate Change
Fred Spoke Bio, Managing Director of Canada Wood Ltd.
16:25-16:30Concluding Remarks
16:45-18:00Internal Meeting for Climate Change Work Arrangement by Department of BEE and Science and Technology, MOHURD
Forum 3: Resilient City: Resilient Infrastructure Solutions
13:30-13:50Sustainable and Low Carbon Development of Urban Water System
Zhang Yue, Director General of Department of Urban Construction, MOHURD
13:50-14:10Climate Change Impact on Future Urban Water Environment
Dai Xiaohu, Dean of Environment Science and Engineering of Tongji University CN
14:10-14:30Future Sewage Treatment in the PRC for Adaption to Climate Change
Qu Jiuhui, Academician of Ecological Environment Institute of CAS
14:30-14:50Source Control Technology Development of Urban Sewage Treatment
Li Zifu, Professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing CN
14:50-15:05Coffee Break
15:05-15:25LID and Climate Change
Che Wu, Professor, Beijing University of Architecture CN
15:25-15:45Urban Water Security in the Climate Change and Extreme Weather
Wang Jianbin, Water Sensitive Institute, Australia
15:45-16:05Typical Case: Metropolis Flood Prevention And Drainage in Extreme Weather
Zhou Qiang, Secretary General of DRC in Shanghai City
16:05-16:25ADB current approach of considering CC adaptation into loan project, Cases and experience, Satoshi Ishii, Senior Urban Development Specialist, ADB
16:25-16:30Concluding Remarks

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